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MGCS 2016 May 17&18

Registration Opens Jan. 4

Marriott Resort at EagleCrest Ypsilanti, MI

Meet the Best of the Midwest

The Michigan Growth Capital Symposium is the premier venture event that annually showcases nearly 40 'Best of the Midwest' high-growth companies in new businesses and emerging technologies. As part of MGCS, the expanding 'University Pitch Track' will feature up and coming startups out of a number of Midwest-based Universities. As one of the longest running programs of its kind, May 16th and 17th will mark the 36th anniversary of the symposium and is expected to bring together more than 450 active investors, founders, CEO's, technology transfer professionals and related industry executives. NEW this year, the MGCS will be hosted jointly with the Coulter Investment Forum. For more information, please contact Mary Nickson mnickson{at}


"This is the second time we’ve presented at the MGCS. It is one of the premier events in the Midwest for investors.”

John Freshley, ONL Therapeutics

“It’s a great forum and one of the most important events in the Midwest.”

Mike Kohnen, HSBC

Past Speakers

Bill Coughlin, Ford Global Technologies; Brad Keywell, Uptake; Edward Torres, Lilly Ventures; Leslie Henshaw, Deerfield; Sean Kearney, Three Leaf Ventures; Carl Ledbetter, Pelion Venture Partners; Mark Hasebroock, Dundee Ventures; Kirk Nielsen, Versant Ventures; Ted Omlid, Evercore Partners; Nicole Walker, Baird Capital; Tim Petersen, Arboretum Ventures; John Stivoric, Jawbone and more...

'16 Highlights

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MGCS 2017 May 16&17


Marriott Resort Ypsilanti, MI


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